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Access to relevant data is vital for succeeding in the commercial real estate market. At CoreLogic, we offer a full inventory of data and analytic solutions for securitized and nonsecuritized commercial properties throughout the U.S.

CoreLogic Creates Visibility
Into the Non-Securitized Market

Savvy investors know that only a mere 28 percent of the commercial real estate market is transparently held within CMBS and that the remainder of the market is where opportunity lies. As the nation's leading aggregator of ownership, property and mortgage information, CoreLogic offers a full inventory that can help you gain the advantage, including access to:

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More than 26 million securitized and non-securitized properties

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5.7 million improved properties and greater than 19.0 million undeveloped land records

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In-depth details on properties, ownership and mortgages, including mortgage and deed documents throughout the major markets nationwide

Spanning a Broad Array of Commercially Zoned Properties, Including

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Mortgage maturity data for all property types and loan values
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Current listings of distressed properties
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A snapshot of a specific property owner and lender’s holdings

CoreLogic makes accessing this information simple. Our variety of delivery methods makes real estate acquisitions, strategic planning, prospect identification, and matching buyers and sellers simple.

For more than 50 years CoreLogic has been aggregating property information through one of the most sophisticated methods of collection, cleansing and standardization methods in the industry.

These processes allow us to deliver one of the highest levels of quality, accuracy and integrity of commercial real estate information. Through CoreLogic, your business can now have an information advantage in the commercial real estate market.

Commercial Real Estate Products

Depending on what your commercial real estate goals are, CoreLogic offers both standardized and customizable products and services to help get you there. The benefit of working with one of the largest nationwide providers of property information on both the CMBS and non-securitized markets are even more compelling when you see how easy it is to access the information that your business needs.  Here are a few of our product offerings that can help your business: 


Create a List of Narrowly Defined Commercial Real Estate Targets

ListSource allows you to run precise queries aligned to your business goals and create prospecting lists that hit the mark. We allow you to search by mortgage holder to locate a bank’s portfolio assets nationwide, by state, or by core-based statistical area (CBSA). Regardless of your property specific search criteria, ListSource makes it easy to focus your efforts on properties that meet your precise needs.

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RealQuest Professional

Get an Upper Hand by Gaining Access to Additional Information

With a carefully targeted list in hand, we offer you the option to further mine through our commercial property database using RealQuest Professional. This additional capability will allow you to get critical details about your narrowly defined target.

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Market Share Analysis Report

Seeing the Market at Large Can Give You Great Foresight

The market is moving quickly, and knowing what your competitors are doing is just as important as planning your own next step. Through our market share analysis report, we can deliver to you a detailed report on what your targeted competitors, lenders, geographies, or property types are changing. This information will prove to be important to your future success as it delivers insight into general market trends, as well as localized strategies that will help you make well informed decisions.

Custom Data Solution

A Non-Standard Solution Can Be Made to Order

When your business has a creative need that falls outside of our standard product offerings, CoreLogic offers you the ability to customize your own solution, using our custom data fulfillment process. We work alongside your business to document requirements, and craft a specialized solution that will fit your need. Even further we can create a specialized delivery and implementation to seamlessly embed our information into your existing business processes.

Data Sample

CoreLogic offers a variety of products & services to give your business access to a broad array of information.  These are just a few examples of the information we provide: 

  • Detailed property characteristic reports
  • Ownership data, including LLC principals
  • Mortgage and deed documents
  • Street, satellite and tax-parcel maps
  • Transaction history
  • Comparables
  • Voluntary liens
  • Pre-foreclosure and foreclosure activity
  • General neighborhood information 

For a complete example of our data capabilities, download a sample datasheet. 

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