Simplify your appraisal payment process

CoreLogic Collateral Technology platforms include a comprehensive payment solution designed to improve the borrower collection and vendor payment process.

  • Spend less on invoice processing and avoid accounts payable overhead
  • Make payments quickly and consistently
  • Focus more on making loans through automated workflow-driven payouts
  • Facilitates easy appraiser onboarding

Peace of Mind Comes from Security

Our automated payment solution was designed to offer lenders, borrowers and service providers a secure and streamlined solution, allowing borrowers to easily pay for valuation services and for lenders to pay vendors in an automated solution all within the CoreLogic Collateral Management Platforms.

How Payments Work

how it works image

Our payment solution brings our clients an array of benefits.

  • Improves accounting workflow
  • Reduces accounts payable overhead
  • Minimizes the impact on appraisers
  • Keep track with payments reporting, notifications, and alerts
  • Improved appraiser relationships through faster payments
  • Encourages payment automation and reduces lender involvement
  • No more trips to the bank and chasing checks
  • Improves cashflow with automated direct deposits
  • Become more accessible to additional lenders