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Myriad Development Is Now Part of CoreLogic®

With the addition of Myriad UnderwritingCenter™, we’ve taken another giant step toward Making Property Insurance Easy™. The rich, property insight provided by CoreLogic now integrates seamlessly with the industry’s leading underwriting work bench to deliver the content you want and the automated workflow you need to transform and modernize underwriting across your entire enterprise.

By combining our unique information on location, structure, environment, occupant and property imagery, with the industry’s premium automated end-to-end underwriting solution, we will deliver actionable insight into every aspect of risk. Your organization will be able to price, underwrite, and monitor property risk more accurately and cost effectively than ever before.

Our unified capabilities will enable you to make smarter, faster and more precise decisions while transforming your customer experience.

Why Are CoreLogic and Myriad Development Coming Together?


Proven to return four to seven times the initial investment.

A joint analysis conducted with over ten of the top 100 carriers showed efficiency gains of between four and seven times the return on their initial investment. So why wait? With limited IT investment, the end-to-end solution could automate your underwriting and rules-based decisions to deliver a fully compliant, straight-through and efficient process. The easy-to-use platform centralizes actionable intelligence from all points of the property insurance lifecycle including underwriting, agency, direct-to-consumer and claims. The self-learning model then recycles results back into the decision models that are powered by our rich property data.


The right data where and when you need it.

The right perspective and imagery at the right time. That’s what it is going to take to win the information race. We take property information seriously—by knowing every data element’s lineage, quality and validity our data is truly complete, current and connected. By providing real-time, property-specific, address- and business-level information, we enhance your ability to underwrite, price and monitor risk over time to enable you to make sound, confident decisions. Our proprietary data layers and attributes allow you to Get The Whole Story®.

Myriad Development is now part of CoreLogic Insurance and Spatial Solutions. Get The Whole Story and let us help streamline and improve your underwriting workflow while enabling a faster, more transparent customer experience.