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Real-time alerts when storms are in progress

Whether you’re deploying a large force of adjusters or a small group of responders, Custom Hail Alerts from CoreLogic® allow you to make fast and educated escalation decisions in response to hail storms. Based on proprietary hail science and around the clock nationwide monitoring, you are only contacted when hail activity occurs in your specific area of interest. First responders rely on Custom Hail Alerts to know when hail is falling in populated areas so they can best focus their attention.

To learn more about Custom Hail Alerts from CoreLogic and get a quote, contact us at (888) 929-4245.

Product Overview

  • Choose the frequency of alerts
  • Population density data per square mile provided within hail fall area
  • Color coded to help target populated areas
  • Includes a regional Hail Size Map thumbnail

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