As a single-source provider of superior data, CoreLogic is uniquely qualified to aid with your academic research, admissions & administration, donation prospecting, satellite campus location targeting, and research needs. In fact, we’ve worked with 15 of the top 20 universities as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

Academic research efforts at postsecondary institutions are most successful when their data resources are reliable, robust and accessible.  And because great research can inform public good and policy, it is important that it is backed by rigorous data that is complete, current and connected.

Reports produced with CoreLogic solutions have tackled topics such as:

  • Market effects from government programs.
  • Relationships between transit access or walkability and housing price trends.
  • The effects of unemployment on home sales and regional economic distress.
  • Costs of traditionally built homes vs. green-home construction.
  • And more!

Powerful Insights. Proven Delivery.

CoreLogic can provide students and faculty with instant access to smart property data available at scales both macro—for nationwide, regional or statewide analysis—and micro—to examine municipal and local trends, scaled down to street-by-street proportions if necessary.

Our data can also help academia with student recruitment and service preparation, generate a list of donors, identify locations for extending your university services, and also aid in academic research and studies.

Our Data Differentiators

  • 99.9%+ U.S. property record coverage
  • 5.5B+ property and mortgage records
  • 49M+ foreclosure records
  • 51M+ building permit records
  • 200+ analytics models


Our Most Popular Products:

Analyze historic, current, and future home price trends with data covering 7,400+ zip codes, 1,300+ countries, and 930+ CBSAs in all 50 states.

Access a collection of property and market data points including tax, deed, building permits, MLS, and foreclosure information to better understand the real estate and mortgage market. 

Loan-Level Market Analytics is designed to provide the broadest, deepest, and clearest 360 degree view for overall 1st lien mortgage market risk exposure. The foundation of Loan-Level Market Analytics is contributed mortgage data from most of the top U.S. servicers – origination and performance data on some 168 million agency, non-agency, and on balance sheet loans historically, with history dating back to 1999.

Aggregates public record, mortgage performance, valuation, MLS and pricing data to give insights into market, listing and rental trends.

Helps build highly targeted local or national marketing prospect lists with precise property and homeowner data, which can also be paired with demographic data for lead generation.

The nation’s most advanced property information search engine that provides property-level data and trends through a transactional platform.

Whether you are looking to complete your files or append information and analytics for incoming students, CMAS gives you instant access to accurate, complete and timely information. 

NeighborhoodScout® and crime data provide perspectives on the student makeup of the university population, as well as demographic, lifestyle, and education level information; can also be used for site selection and walkability score.

Hazard scores help you identify and visualize the potential of natural hazard exposure including wind, hurricane storm surge, fire, sinkhole and brushfire.

Provides building cost data and trends, and cost segregation studies.

Utilize our Science & Analytics team for custom modeling for financial models, occupants/credit risk/marketing models and environmental/location/building modeling.

An accurate and intelligent property solution that utilizes a unique property ID (CLIP) to provide a complete, current and connected view of property.

Your single-source, parcel-level information solution that provides the ability to access location and property characteristic information exactly when you need it.

Data from a Superior Source

CoreLogic is a leading data provider to top real estate and financial services companies—1.2M+ real estate agents, 9,000+ mortgage lenders, 500+ insurance companies and 300+ firms on Wall Street, plus 21 federal agencies tasked with oversight of those sectors. Our clients turn to us as a market leader for unique property-level insights backed by science and analytics.

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