Do you suspect that the changing economic climate is degrading the quality of traditional credit bureau data? Are you experiencing a decreased hit rate at other data repositories? CoreLogic® Teletrack® offers a batch service, called DebtorTrace, which is billed on a contingency basis, and provides  new home phone, address and employment  information on the consumers in your portfolio.. When you supply the last known information for each skip in the file, we  return only information from the database that is different from the information contained in the file.

This service is derived from proprietary information, which is not typically reported to traditional credit bureaus or other data repositories. Information from these sources is designed to locate skips in situations where:

  • The file requires unique data but inexpensive, rapid turn around is essential
  • The value of the debt does not justify processing through a premium priced solution but is sufficient to warrant a tiered database search.
  • The skip cannot be located using low-quality data sources or traditional credit bureau data.

In  rapidly changing job and housing markets, we help you expand your search by accessing data that is current. Let Teletrack help you increase your return on investment by returning cost-effective, high-integrity home phone, home address, place of employment and employment phone information for your skips.