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Future of Real Estate Tax Service

The future of tax service is here. With the CoreLogic DigitalTax PlatformTM, you get:

  • A unified and consistent view of property tax data across the ecosystem
  • Tighter integration and information exchange with taxing agencies
  • On-demand analytics and reporting that give you fresh insights

Built-In Analytics and Reporting

Gain greater transparency into your operations, portfolio, exposure, and risk with on-demand analytics and reporting.

Accumulate insights with a platform built on a foundation of superior quality—Complete Current Connected® data you can only get from CoreLogic. You’ll benefit from the superior coverage and standardized delivery that we’ve built through our relationships with taxing agencies nationwide.

That means you’ll get extremely accurate data regardless of the taxing jurisdiction. So, you can keep your borrowers happy, make smarter business decisions, and uncover new opportunities in the marketplace.

Transforming the Real Estate Tax Industry

Transform your tax service with the CoreLogic DigitalTax Platform™ that gives you a unified and consistent view of property tax data across the entire ecosystem. This platform helps:

  • Deliver accurate data faster.
  • Provide a clear view of risk.
  • Eliminate the issues that frustrate borrowers.
A frictionless environment

A frictionless environment

Eliminate the friction of your interactions through tighter integration and information exchange with taxing agencies nationwide.

Enabling near real-time connections

Enabling near real-time connections

Enhance your customer service with near real-time access to critical property tax information. You’ll expedite your information delivery, gaining efficiencies that can help you move to a paperless environment.

Complete transparency at your fingertips

Complete transparency at your fingertips

Ensure smooth and successful tax service throughout the loan lifecycle. Get complete transparency into every loan from beginning to end, all at your fingertips.

  • Get a crystal-clear view across loan-level activity.
  • Keep borrowers loyal by resolving issues faster.
  • Eliminate exceptions through a standardized payment methodology.