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What is "Do Good"?

In the wake of Hurricane Laura, the Lake Charles and Cameron, Louisiana, areas were struggling to recover. From Echo Bravo Productions, in association with CoreLogic, “Do Good” is a documentary series that tells the story of a disaster-stricken community coming together to overcome. Explore the story and lives of the families, business owners and even pets—and learn how unrivaled intelligence can reveal truths about the world.

Do Good

Data in Action

Hear from director and host Justin D. Roberts, co-host Hank Barbe, Chief Scientist Howard Botts and more on what happened in Lake Charles, what brought them together to Do Good and why this story matters now more than ever.

Let’s Do Good

All proceeds from the documentary go back to the charities that have helped revive this community.

This includes United Way, The Cajun Navy Foundation, The Southwest Louisiana Community Foundation, Aerial Recovery Relief, the Southwest Louisiana Community Health Center, Care Help and Compassion Kind.

Know Your Risk

2020 was a record-shattering hurricane season, and the story of “Do Good” is a reminder to us all—that in the face of Mother Nature, it is critical to be prepared, have unrivaled intelligence at your fingertips, and use that to accelerate your recovery.

Louisiana faced multiple powerful hurricanes last year, setting back the lives of many residents and business owners. As the climate continues to evolve, it’s critical for members of the housing economy to be prepared—so that we can continue to help people find, buy and protect the homes they love for years to come.

Accelerate Your Recovery

We are proud to support organizations that believe in this truth: No one can prevent catastrophes from occurring, but we can control how we prepare, work together and overcome.