Freddie Mac Home Value Suite

The Home Value Suite from Freddie Mac offers intelligent valuation tools that help you streamline collateral valuation and lower the cost.

Home Value Explorer® (HVE®)

An industry standby for more than 15 years, HVE is a popular automated valuation model (AVM) well respected for its nationwide geographic coverage, high fulfillment rates and valuation precision. HVE results include confidence scores based on the forecast standard deviation (FSD).

HVE is available through CoreLogic as a standalone AVM, as part of our GeoAVM® Core Plus and GeoAVM® Precision Plus, GeoAVM Classic and GeoAVM Custom cascade models. HVE can also be used with our OnSite property condition report to help you comply with the Interagency Guidelines for Appraisals and Evaluations.

GeoAVM Chart

Home Value Calibrator® (Calibrator)

Freddie Mac’s Calibrator improves quality control by measuring the risk that a collateral valuation may exceed the market value. Whether the valuation comes from an AVM, appraisal, BPO or other method, Calibrator spots potentially inflated values to identify loans that merit further investigation. By detecting possible above-market valuations, Calibrator allows lenders to match review levels to risk, helping them prioritize workflow and prevent high-risk loans from receiving funding.

Calibrator combines HVE valuations with a predictive statistical scoring model that analyzes key loan and property data. The resulting score, between 300 and 900, indicates the likelihood a valuation or purchase price is inflated, with lower scores denoting greater risk. In addition, Calibrator allows you to produce customized monthly reports to identify trends.

Home Value Calibrator from Freddie Mac is available as a standalone product through CoreLogic.

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For more information and a sample HVE report, download the Freddie Mac HVE Fact Sheet:
HVE Fact Sheet

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For more information and a sample report, download the Freddie Mac Calibrator Fact Sheet.
Calibrator Fact Sheet