Parcel Data for Utilities

Reliable Parcel and Land Use Information can Eliminate Some Smart Grid Barriers

As Utility companies plan for the modernization of their electrical infrastructure, informed decisions will be needed every step of the way. Investing in a solution for precise spatial and property characteristic data will deliver consistency throughout the enterprise and help eliminate headaches for engineers and construction groups tasked with collecting the information from multiple and often unreliable sources.

Besides enterprise consistency, it’s imperative that the Smart Grid engineers understand the geographic relationships near or surrounding the geocoded location. 

Spatial Analytics from CoreLogic® can answer questions like:

  • Where are the lines buried in this area and what are the boundaries that they overlap?
  • What is the risk of fire, flooding, or other natural hazard to any given substation?
  • Who owns the land, how is it used, what is the value, and what are the property’s legal parcel boundaries?

Customizable Spatial Solutions

  • Advanced geocoder—PxPoint™
  • Largest U.S. parcel dataset—ParcelPoint®
  • Specialized Tax Jurisdiction and Natural Hazard Risk Data
  • Fast deployment options
We are our own best customer—Our GIS and land characteristic information is used to run our flood determination and risk businesses.


Utility companies finally have access to the spatial insights they need — across the enterprise. Download our Utilities White Paper for more information on why CoreLogic is the best choice for your company’s GIS solution.

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