Hands-On Training Yields Success

Brittany King began a product development internship with CoreLogic in the summer of 2017. After her internship was over, she transitioned to full time and is now a professional, product management, in the Dallas office. In the short time since she’s joined full time, Brittany has already made a big impact by winning the company’s highest honor, the Pinnacle Award.

 Brittany received the award for her efforts in redesigning the CoreLogic Background Data business. With this project, we moved the business out of a legacy platform and into a completely new, updated system architecture. Not only did we become legally compliant, but we improved system stability and reduced operational inefficiencies. The work was instrumental in reducing corporate risk, understanding our entire RPS system architecture, helping the ongoing business migration from the legacy systems.

 We sat down with Brittany to get her thoughts on her internship experience and her career at CoreLogic.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your internship experience?

A: There are preconceived notions about interns doing mundane tasks such as data entry or help desk solutioning. However, I did not find those to be true during my product development internship at CoreLogic. One of the most exciting things about this internship was seeing my degree and coursework being implemented in the real world. As I was learning about concepts in class, I was also experiencing them in my internship.

I truly feel that I could not have asked for a better summer internship; every day brought new challenges and new experiences. Every person that I worked with seemed to care about my education and showed me how the industry and department works. By the end of the ten weeks, I saw myself managing my time better in all areas of my life. I also gained increased my confidence in presenting and talking in front of my peers, coworkers and superiors. I know that I can take these skills, and others that I learned over the course of my internship, to my future positions.

Q: What made you decide to stay on full-time at CoreLogic?

A: My experience as an intern showed me the endless opportunities for me at CoreLogic. Not only did I discover a passion in a career, but I also found a community of wonderful, like-minded people. The CoreLogic culture is open-minded, accepting and enabling. I wake up every day looking forward to coming into the office, even though some days are harder than others.

Q: What do you love about your job?

A: From product enhancements to internal education, CoreLogic truly believes in putting their clients first. I love that I get to drive solutions that will improve the lives of our customers. Whether it’s taking client feedback to solve problems or driving innovative solutions for future products, our clients are my top priority. Product management allows me to be in control and think creatively. We collaborate with the brightest minds across our business to produce best in class enhancements and product features. At the end of the day, I know my work has contributed to someone else’s success, and that’s a great feeling.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to the new interns starting in June?

A: Get involved and keep an open mind! We are always looking for ways to improve life at CoreLogic, and your voice matters. There are so many tools that are offered for you to make the most of whatever career path you want to follow. CoreLogic is a great place to set a foundation and create lasting relationships. 

Brittany King

Brittany King

Brittany King

Brittany King