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Damaging hail is one of nature’s costliest weather perils. In fact, according to the Insurance Council of Texas, a single hail storm in San Antonio caused over $1.4 billion in damage. And because hail claims can often present issues that complicate processing, carriers need an accurate and reliable solution for verification, from a single point to their entire portfolio.

Hail Verification

CoreLogic has a commitment to the most precise hail algorithm in the market.

As we designed our algorithm to meet the actual hail verification needs of customers, users have come to rely on our science as the standard for hail verification. CoreLogic science is one of the only sources for hail data designed to verify actual hailfall, not what a hailstorm may potentially produce. Thus, our products allow carriers to streamline key functions after a hailstorm to help promote and retain high levels of customer satisfaction.

What's New

  • Triples the amount of data received from the storm
  • Better at classifying heavy rain vs hail
  • Higher confidence results in a more granular hail footprint
  • Uses morphing, physics, 3-D storm modeling, and artificial intelligence to overcome radar limitations and estimate hail size every 2 seconds
  • Speeds up the algorithm, allowing for increased complexity and higher resolution
  • Expert meteorologists examine the available ground observations, allowing more reports to be used than competitors
  • The algorithm objectively compares each report with radar data and uses them appropriately
  • The innovative algorithm replicates thinking process of human meteorologists when combining the continuous coverage of the radar data and the quality-controlled ground observations

Product Updates

Effective March 27, 2017, all hail verification products will be generated using Hail Verification Technology 2.0

Hail Size Maps

Hail Size Maps

Historical maps from January 1, 2009 to present will be reprocessed using the new Hail Verification Technology 2.0 and will automatically be updated at

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Hail Verification Reports

Hail Verification Reports

Any newly ordered reports will provide the same level of property specific data from January 1, 2009 to present, using all new Hail Verification Tech 2.0. Reports ordered prior to March 27, 2017 will remain unchanged.

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Hail Insight

Hail Insight™

Any newly ordered risk scores will provide the same level of property specific data from January 1, 2009, using Hail Verification Tech 2.0. Previously run scores are subject to change based on new technology.

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