Easily and Accurately Assess Credit Risk

LendOptix is a new credit risk model used to objectively assess the likelihood of early payment default on short-term loans. Based on unique CoreLogic® Teletrack® consumer credit data, it analyzes borrower behavior and generates a three-digit score and supporting reason codes. The lower the score, the greater the risk. Lenders can use this information to make fast, informed decisions about whether or not to approve loans.

Developed using sophisticated logistic regression, LendOptix eliminates subjectivity in making credit risk decisions, enables consistent and compliant risk strategies, and facilitates rapid deployment and adjustment of business strategies.


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Predict Charge-Off Risk With Confidence

Which borrowers are most likely to default? In today's volatile economic times, the ability to separate the "good" applicants from the "bad" can make or break your bottom line. LendOptix from CoreLogic Teletrack now makes it easier than ever to assess the credit risk of payday loan applicants.