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Property and Person Based Liens on a Single Report

During the research, risk  management and valuation process it is important to know of any liens on a property or against a borrower. In the past, professionals would have had to go to multiple sources in order to obtain the complete set of data that they needed. RealQuest Professional provides access, in a single report, to a comprehensive view of a property's lien position and a borrower's personal liabilities. Gain instant access to a report that will show delinquent tax debt, bankruptcies, judgments and/or personal tax liens - dramatically improving your processing speed and efficiency while giving you the ability to make better informed business decisions. 

The lien reports available in the Lien360 Suite are designed for use by professionals seeking insight into a property and borrower's lien. In the Lien360 Suite there are four reports available that offer different degrees of lien information. Each report builds upon the previous one to provide in-depth property and borrower information depending on your needs.

Benefit From:

An expanded view of a borrower's outstanding liens

A more accurate way to determine value of assets

A true picture of the cost of a property