LoanSafe Fraud Manager Can Help You Combat Vintage Fraud Schemes

It seems like everywhere you look, what was old is new again.

Whether it’s the resurgence of vinyl records or Nintendo re-releasing classic gaming systems, things we loved back in the day are all the rage today. Mortgage fraud is no exception.

We are now seeing fraud schemes we haven’t seen since before the financial crisis, like straw borrowers and income falsification. And since these schemes haven’t been perpetrated for years, they may be difficult to spot – potentially exposing your business to undue risk.

LoanSafe Fraud Manager Can Help


Only LoanSafe Fraud Manager analyzes decades of consortium-based fraud data, making these vintage schemes easier to spot


LoanSafe Fraud Manager provides a statistical, risk-ranked score. We use both historical data and real-time transactions in our score, allowing you to focus your review efforts to the riskiest loans instead of the loans where the fraud risk is low.


LoanSafe Fraud Manager makes it easy for you to get started:

  • No Physical Inspections
  • No Minimums
  • No Set-Up Fees

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