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By adding intelligence and efficiency to your critical business processes, MindBox greatly simplifies the task of providing faster and more individualized service throughout your enterprise. The MindBox product set, a suite of powerful artificial intelligence products, helps reduce costs and risk by using a proven approach that enables rapid automation of your unique policies for complex business processes.

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From loan origination, customer service, and loan underwriting to pricing and deal negotiation, MindBox provides a flexible environment that integrates advanced rule-based and case-based reasoning technology with distributed, object-oriented applications. This platform helps you:

Tailor product offerings and deal parameters to individual borrowers

Automate complex business processes and policies

Implement intelligent automated borrower interaction and decision-making systems that optimize every interaction

Capture the knowledge assets and best practices of your top performers

Share knowledge with your entire organization over the web or corporate intranet

Help ensure the compliance and auditability of your decisions

Automate call center response, improving customer service and decreasing costs

Business Rules

One of the most powerful aspects of Advanced Delivery Engines’ MindBox products is the PowerEditor. This user friendly tool allows business managers to define and maintain system rules and policies through a graphical editor, without writing code or relying on IT. In addition, the PowerEditor allows the business user to organize the structure and hierarchy of the rules.

Optimizing Every Contact with Domain Specific Component Products

MindBox’s financial services domain components fit precisely into the workflow of your lending process. The solution helps provide all the functionality required to implement an entire lending process from credit check to deal structuring to pricing to underwriting. Individual components can be used or combined within your platform to automate the lending process. And they are structured to capture your organization’s best practices in systems that can be rapidly deployed. In addition, the component approach allows for phased implementation.

MindBox leverages an institution’s data and sophisticated decision technology to complete the following steps:

Integrate credit data from multiple sources

Analyze and act upon that credit data according to specific company policy

Provide explanations of credit decisions made and why subsequent actions were taken

Provide complete, intelligent product selection capability, including appropriate product matching for a specific customer in addition to implementing product exclusion and eligibility decisions

Price the final product, providing the best possible offer for the specific customer

Completely underwrite the deal, subject to conditions

Provide a list of conditions that must be met for the loan to be granted

Provide a suggested list of debt consolidation strategies the borrower might take to lower costs and create a better debt portfolio

Structure a deal, specific to this customer, including the cross-selling of other products, specifically HELOCs and line of credit products

Include the MindBox PowerEditor, used to maintain the rules in a user friendly, recognizable environment

Flexible. Extensible. Scalable.

MindBox can be quickly implemented on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and Linux. The components integrate with all ODBC-compliant databases. Because the solutions employ reusable object modules, rule bases and case bases, the MindBox Product Family can easily adapt to integrate new technologies and business requirements. It can also scale to accommodate increased volume demands over time. Your current investment in these products will allow you to update your system over time — adapting and extending it according to your business requirements.

Intelligent Systems Leverage Customer Knowledge

A company’s knowledge of its customers and capabilities is one of its most important assets. Successful companies use their customer knowledge and current information to dramatically increase sales, improve customer relationships and anticipate market changes. With advanced intelligent systems, any size provider can combine historical data with customer information gathered during an interaction and use this complete picture to provide the right product at the right price, when and where it is most appropriate.

Maintain Best Policies in a Repeatable Way

Intelligent automation enables organizations to maintain policies in an automated, repeatable manner. Policies are stored and applied just as data is stored and used in an automated environment. This automation allows you to provide your solution to the borrower when and where needed. While it helps answer customer questions accurately and inspire confidence in your company, Advanced Delivery Engines tools provide a price and product specifically tailored to that individual’s requests and requirements helping to provide the best possible offer.

Based on your company rules, CoreLogic technology can determine eligible products as well as those that are the most appropriate fit based on the borrower’s specific requirements and preferences. Intelligent, automated, multi-channel systems make “anytime, anywhere” sales and service possible.  

Leveraging Technology to Increase Your Competitive Advantage

While some firms provide rule-based technology with minimal financial services expertise, CoreLogic leverages industry leading databases, extensive domain knowledge and a longstanding history of implementing comprehensive mortgage loan best practices.