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Improving the Health of Your Book of Business

Like taking preventative measures to ensure your health, it’s also important to ensure the health of your book of business. CoreLogic can assist by getting you the best possible estimate of your exposure to all kinds of risk.

Need to Understand Mother Nature’s Possible Impact This Year?

Our team of analytical professionals can run a batch analysis through our state-of-art natural hazard data sets and catastrophe models to look at how your portfolio would perform if faced with a natural catastrophe.

In the 2016 Wildfire Risk Report published by CoreLogic, we found that in the 13 western states where wildfire risk is determined, nearly 2.3 million homes are in high or very high risk locations. A Wildfire Risk analysis of a top carrier’s book indicated that over 8 percent of their book from just two of those states scored in the high to very high risk range for wildfire risk. This kind of valuable information can help improve your reinsurance and risk distribution strategies.

Are Your Policyholders at Risk of Being Underinsured?

CoreLogic can run an ITV report so that you can perform due diligence for regulatory risk reporting as well as understand where you may be at risk of properties being underinsured due to current reconstruction costs. A recent batch analysis for another top carrier indicated that over 65 percent of their book of business was undervalued by an average of over 30 percent.

Good or bad, isn’t it time you looked at your business’ exposure to risk?