Residential Component Technology® (RCT™) Recognized Industry-wide for Data Excellence and Quality

Like the dependability of overnight shipping or the trusted stock market indexes, RCT is recognized for its excellence and quality. And here’s why. 

Over a decade ago, CoreLogic pioneered a reconstruction estimating process we call our “total component methodology.” Built on a proven concept that a structure’s unique features (and not its general square footage) more accurately determines the cost to reconstruct a structure, our approach has been widely recognized within the P&C industry.

RCT. The Prevailing Benchmark of Estimating Accuracy

Why is RCT trusted by the industry's largest percentage of insurers? Because quite frankly, when it comes to residential reconstruction estimating, details matter and accuracy is king.

Trusted Granularity

Construction data referenced by law in over 35 U.S. States

Monitoring of 100,000+ line items

Research of 90+ labor trades

350 years of combined industry knowledge

Costs monitored in 2600+ microeconomies


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5. What is My Home Worth?

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6. Determining Reconstruction Costs

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