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Announcing Our Integration Collaboration with Guidewire

Our mission is to help you Get the Whole Story® on property. And, we want to make it easy.

That’s why we’ve built a commercial building estimating platform that not only delivers more accurate reconstruction costs but also lets you see a property’s exposure to natural hazards, estimate business personal property and access to satellite imagery of the property.

We’ve taken the next step towards Making Property as Easy as Auto® by building the Ready for Guidewire accelerator for Commercial Express®; making it easier for any insurance company using Guidewire PolicyCenter to quickly calculate comprehensive building valuation estimates for their new and renewal business workflows.

Or, in a nutshell, make things easier for you to get the latest and greatest information on property that you insure.

The Commercial Express Ready for Guidewire accelerator from CoreLogic supports insurers by:

Providing turnkey utilization of property risk assessment solutions in Guidewire applications

Promoting ease of integration across applications for an enterprise solution

Aiding IT efforts by reducing system implementation resource needs

Leveraging implementation best practices resulting in expedited time-to-market