Trust is paramount in real estate relationships. Inadequate or incomplete title information can erode trust, whether it’s between lenders and title companies, title companies and clients, or any partnership in between.

The future of your title company will be defined by how well you interact with others in the mortgage process - and by your ability to support consumer demand. But maintaining momentum is contingent upon continuing to evolve with customer needs and technological advancements.

CoreLogic’s title solutions can alleviate such gaps, helping facilitate:

  • Easy property examination
  • Simplified transaction processes
  • Improved market share accuracy
  • Competitor analysis of title volume or new home purchases
  • Access to up-to-date property data that serves to legitimize deals

Rather than devoting valuable time to property record review and burdensome legal paperwork, title companies like yours are freed up to focus on the important stuff - like solidifying your relationships with lenders. When inaccurate data or fraudulent claims are less of a concern, the focus can turn to reducing risk elsewhere and establishing future goals based on market potential.

Consolidating data for an expanded view

CoreLogic’s lender/title grouping data allows clients to highlight or aggregate competitors, offering a streamlined form of competitor analysis that can identify geographical opportunities in the short term, while bolstering the integrity of industry relationships in the long run.

Ultimately, consumer demand will dictate the trajectory - and the technology - by which the real-estate industry is fueled. And in order to satisfy that demand, all market players must nimbly leverage technology in a manner that’s both efficient and collaborative.

CoreLogic’s title solutions serve each of those goals, making them an essential tentpole of your business as it fits within the future of real estate.

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