Most hosting companies do not ordinarily conduct a background or credit check, nor do they complete a criminal screening during bookings, and this is where the risk lies.

CoreLogic® helps simplify your guest selection by giving you a more complete view of your guests prior to booking. We offer identity verification and a guest background search - plus, we have the building blocks for safe and seamless data sharing via API connections.

Leveraging our tenure and expertise in the mortgage and valuation space and expanding to include analytics specific to short-term and vacation rentals, CoreLogic® offers a variety of data and insights to help better inform your guest selection strategy.

CoreLogic offers an extensive criminal search service that provides bottom-line benefits to your properties. Our guest background search accesses criminal records across the country to help you determine if a potential guest has a background containing violence, property destruction, sex offense, or financial crime.

  • Search the sex offender registry databases for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • View a guest history that includes state prison sentences and other incarcerations
  • Review statewide felony and (where available) misdemeanor records for most states.
  • Identify known terrorists from data sources including the FBI, federal agencies, and other law enforcement

Entity matching is a critical task for our data integration, which is why we include additional data, including a full middle name and date of birth, to ensure that we are matching, screening, and identifying the correct individuals.

While our databases encompass more than 4.5 billion records, it’s what the data means to our clients that matters.

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