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Single Site Catastrophe Modeling

The #1 Natural Disaster

Events like Hurricane Harvey and Florence prove that floods can cause devastating loss well outside of established flood zones. The increase in frequency of 500-year flood events mean that much of the property in the United States is at some level of risk.

Flooding is difficult to model correctly because risk can vary greatly over short distances. For a peril that is projected to increase in frequency and severity over time, measuring risk right at the structure is critical to get right.

High-Definition Model

Our fully probabilistic inland flood model analyzes flood risk for single locations, schedules or portfolios. It provides:

  • Detailed loss metrics at the location level
  • Average annual losses (AAL)
  • Uncertainties
  • AEP and OEP at multiple return periods

At 10m spatial resolution, the CoreLogic Inland Flood Model is the highest resolution available in the market and can capture flood volatility at the location level so you can measure and manage risk with more precision.

Many clients already know the utility and power of single site modeling for earthquake and hurricane. Flood now joins our family of catastrophe modeling products available online, enabling you to manage your risk your way. 


Identify and measure excess National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood exposure by modeling flood risk beyond standard coverage limits


Examine properties outside of flood zones that have significant risk and determine insurance coverage needed to mitigate that risk


Provide decision-making metrics to quote, underwrite, bind, and determine the actual premium for commercial properties

Create tiered rate structures and identify the right tier for individual properties

Determine what’s driving the probable maximum loss (PML) within a portfolio

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