A new SMARTWeb URL is now live. The new URL is www.corelogic.com/landing-pages/smartweb2.aspx. Please bookmark this page in your Favorites folder.  You may also want to bookmark both login pages below temporarily.  If you are unable to access the new SMARTWeb 2 URL, please contact your IT administrator to ensure no firewall issues exist and the IP’s listed in the FAQ are added (whitelisted). If so, you can continue to use the original SMARTWeb URL until the issue is resolved internally and tested for access. Please review the FAQs here.

Frequently Asked Questions

This change does not impact data exchanges.

Yes. The new URL will be smartweb2.corelogic.com.

CoreLogic requests existing IP addresses be retained. Additionally, the new IP addresses below should be added. All IP addresses should be maintained in your firewalls until we complete migration and remove the legacy IP addresses. Please add the new IP addresses for any ports that you show with the following existing IP addresses:

The new URL will be available in production as of 9/23/18 and both URLs will be available for a limited time. Client testing can occur after 9/23/18. 

Send an email to CoreLogic at risk-taxservices.tax@corelogic.com and we will have a CoreLogic representative contact you. 

We encourage you to contact us via any of the following methods:

  1. Support (Help) Desk at 866-440-7449
  2. Customer Product Support at 800-225-4707 or customerproductsupport@corelogic.com
  3. Your assigned Tax Operations Client Specialist

UPDATE: CoreLogic Wire Payment Return for Tax Amount Reporting

Effective immediately, CoreLogic has moved to “Wire” return payment method for all Tax Amount Reporting (TAR) events. Customers can also return checks made payable to CoreLogic in lieu of wires per the Transmittal.  Our customers will recognize benefits from this change with reduced check costs, overnight delivery costs and internal efficiencies.  If you have any questions, please contact Customer Product Support via phone at 800-225-4707 or customerproductsupport@corelogic.com.


Please note that the email address for Missing Bill Lists (MBLs) has changed.

The Customer Product Support Team has consolidated the Missing Bill List process and has created one email address for all MBL requests being sent to the Customer Product Support Team.

Effective immediately, please begin sending your Missing Bill List (MBL) requests to: MBL@corelogic.com

The previous regional email addresses will no longer be monitored and all emails will be forwarded to this new point of contact through the end of 2018.

Current Missing Bill Lists include:

  • Contracted loans that did not report on TAR and will not report through exceptions
  • Loans not contracted at all
  • Items should be sent to CPS MBL Team once the TAR has run and paid with exceptions identified and removed from list.

All requests for current Missing Bill Lists must be provided utilizing the required template spreadsheet.  If you are in need of this template, please contact Customer Product Support at customerproductsupport@corelogic.com.

CoreLogic clients rely on the SMARTWeb portal for centralized access to real estate property tax information. This powerful tool provides users with the ability to:

  • Originate new tax service orders
  • Perform order maintenance functions
  • Originate and view claims
  • Order reports
  • Retrieve loan, order, and/or property tax identification number information 

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about CoreLogic® products and services, please email us. For technical questions, please call the CoreLogic Support Center at (866) 440-7449.

Knowledge Center in SMARTWeb

Information is available within the reference tab of the Cycle Dashboard from the "Tools" menu inside the portal. Be sure to visit the Documentation area in SMARTWeb where you will find all of our user guides such as:

  • Government Fee Listing
  • Customer Handbook
  • Cycle Dashboard Guide
  • eReports Guide
  • Tax Payment Status Guide

Contact Us

For technical questions, please call the CoreLogic Support Center at (866) 440-7449.

For new user IDs or training questions, please contact our Customer Product Support team at CustomerProductSupport@corelogic.com or (800) 225-4707.