ATTENTION - The planned upgrade to eReportsV2 is now live in SMARTWeb

To enhance the value of services offered to our clients, we are improving our eReports. Please note as of 05/28/2017, CoreLogic Tax Services retired the existing version of eReports and released eReportsV2 via an application upgrade. The new version will now be the repository for all reports dated 04/30/17 or later. Reports created prior to 04/30/17 will still be accessible via the prior eReports link and may be accessed through 07/04/2017.

A brief eLearning tutorial will be available in SMARTWeb located under the Support menu option. A PDF version can also be found in the Cycle Dashobard area (see the Reference tab below the Documents link once logged into the SMARTWeb application). 

Please Be Aware of the Following Changes

CoreLogic clients rely on the SMARTWeb portal for centralized access to real estate property tax  information. This powerful tool provides users with the ability to:

  • Originate new tax service orders
  • Perform order maintenance functions
  • Originate and view claims
  • Order reports
  • Retrieve loan, order, and/or property tax identification number information 

Knowledge Center in SMARTWeb

Information is available within the reference tab of the Cycle Dashboard from the "Tools" menu inside the portal. Be sure to visit the Documentation area in SMARTWeb where you will find all of our user guides such as:

  • Government Fee Listing
  • Customer Handbook
  • Cycle Dashboard Guide
  • eReports Guide
  • Tax Payment Status Guide
  • Tax Handbook

Contact Us

For technical questions, please call the CoreLogic Support Center at (866) 440-7449.

For other questions, please contact a member of the Customer Product Support Team in any region: 

Central Region: (800) 969-9620

Eastern Region : (800) 969-8787

Western Region: (800) 225-4707


Please contact your Tax Operations Customer Specialist or the Customer Product Support Team at if you have any questions about the new eReportsV2.