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All Teletrack Clients Are Required to Report Certain Data Elements

As part of your contractual obligation to CoreLogic Teletrack, all clients are required to report certain types of data on a monthly basis, including, but not limited to:

  • For inquiries, please provide: customer name, SSN, full address, phone number, and date of birth; and
  • For loan performance data reporting, please provide: positive loan payment information, delinquency information, charge-offs, and recovered charge-offs on all consumer loans.
  • Optional inquiry information we request be provided, but is not required, include employer name and employer phone number

Failure to provide this information on a timely basis may result in account deactivation.

Contact Teletrack at or 800-729-6981 to receive more information about how to properly report data using CoreLogic Teletrack.

Learn More About Data Reporting

If you're unsure how to report your data using, please watch this informative video that will walk you through the data reporting process.

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