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As one of the nation's single largest aggregators of rental screening data and analytics, CoreLogic® provides tenant screening products that are among the best in the market. Property managers and vacation rental operations turn to our screening solutions every day so they can lease and book with confidence!

Discover how CoreLogic can help you make more informed leasing and booking decisions.

Our resident screening solutions are designed to take the guesswork out of selecting applicants who are most likely to pay on-time and adhere to the terms of their lease. Gain insight from our proprietary database including an applicant's eviction records, address history, identity verification and credit data.

Our resident background check solution searches criminal records across the country to help property operators determine whether an applicant has a background containing violence, property destruction, sex offense or financial crime.

We help simplify your guest selection by giving you a more complete view of your guests prior to booking. We offer identity verification and a guest background search - plus, we have the building blocks for safe and seamless data sharing via API connections.

Renters Insurance

  • We offer four unique renters insurance programs, each designed to increase resident participation, which can lower repair costs, save you time and improve profitability.

Online Payments

  • Tired of collecting paper checks? Check out our mobile-friendly online payment platform, providing next-day funding and reporting to all three major credit agencies.

ID Verification

  • Are your applicants who they say they are? Get near real-time insights to help you evaluate new applicants and detect potential fraud risks.
Renter and Tenant Screening Service by CoreLogic

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