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Reliable Income Verification - Directly From the IRS

As part of the AutomatIQTM Borrower suite of borrower data and verification services, 4506-C Direct service provides a simple, reliable way to validate applicant information. The result is an easy-to-read report with an actual IRS transcript that includes all schedules.

  • Order delivery via AutomatIQ Borrower or numerous Loan Origination Systems
  • Helps Identify false or inaccurate tax information
  • Searches up to ten years of IRS-verified data on the borrower(s)
  • Calculates a comparison between the borrower-supplied data and IRS data
  • Access to two separate IRS processing centers, providing more reliable transcript delivery
Detailed, Comprehensive Results

Detailed, Comprehensive Results

Rather than merely list the borrower’s adjusted gross income, 4506-C Direct lists 18 totals from the 1040, including wages, business income or loss, other income and adjusted gross income. The report also highlights discrepancies between your borrower-supplied data and the IRS-verified information.

Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty

Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty

Fannie Mae's Day 1 Certainty Program is designed to provide greater transparency and create a more efficient mortgage origination process for you. CoreLogic is working closely with Fannie Mae to provide rep and warrant relief on validated CoreLogic solutions.

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Ordering a 4506-C Direct

Ordering a 4506-C Direct

Due to our direct connection with the IRS, obtaining a CoreLogic 4506-C Direct is easy. If you include a copy of the first page of the borrower’s 1040 tax return for each year ordered, the report can include a comparison to data on file with the IRS and identify any variations. This process helps identify altered tax returns and avoid fraud-related losses.

4506-C Direct Product Details

Verify income information going back up to four years

Supplies up to 18 distinct totals of tax return income data

Delivers an easy-to-read report with an actual IRS transcript that includes all schedules

Proactive management tracking system insures orders are completed as quickly as possible

Integrated on major Loan Origination Systems (LOS)

Electronic signature utilizing major eSignature vendors

Available in batch format

Helps you make more informed underwriting decisions, and minimize fraud risk

Supported by a dedicated team of customer care and technical support specialists