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Accelerated Tax Set-Up offers an accelerated search for the required agencies, tax IDs and last available installment amounts* with customized output you can upload to your front-end or servicing system. The custom output includes your payee numbers and applicable cycle due dates.

That leaves only the loan number, borrower name, complete property address with ZIP code, loan close date and, if known or available, the service type (escrow or non-escrow) to include on the inbound file.

*Installment amounts are provided on output for escrowed loans

Product Details

Origination Benefits

  • Automates real estate tax data retrieval
  • Provides a quick, guaranteed turnaround
  • Delivers information you can use for applicants' truth in lending disclosure and/or aggregate analysis
  • Eliminates manual processing

Servicing Benefits

  • Automates tax line set-up process
  • Offers speedy results
  • Eliminates manual processing
  • Reduces penalties
  • Reduces missing bills