MLS & Public Record Data In One Valuation Solution

AppraiserSuite provides instant access to real time Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data alongside standardized public record data including property detail, transaction history, comparables, MLS Listings and more – all in a unified workspace. Whether you’re an independent appraiser or an Appraisal Management Company, AppraiserSuite will help you work faster and smarter.

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Providing Real Time Market Research for Independent Appraisers

AppraiserSuite is a property research and valuation tool designed for the specific needs of an appraiser’s workflow.  AppraiserSuite returns public record data that you can interact with and allows you to input your own calculations – all in one valuation-focused workspace.  Plus, with MLS data available in many major markets, you’ll have access to real time listing data as well! 

What’s more is that all AppraiserSuite data can be populated into standard URAR forms using leading form population tools, eliminating much of the tedious manual entry that is required when completing an appraisal. 

Improving Appraisal Quality for Appraisal Management Companies 

AppraiserSuite helps Appraisal Management Companies improve the quality of their appraisal review or quality control process by providing immediate access to pertinent information regarding a subject property value, property details, comparables and more. Appraisal quality is guaranteed through transparency into the appraiser’s market research and comparable selection process. AppraiserSuite can be easily integrated into an Appraisal Management Company’s order management and fulfillment systems and is MISMO compliant.

For Appraisers

AppraiserSuite is a property data and market research solution that meets the specific needs for an appraiser’s workflow.  AppraiserSuite delivers reliable public record data that can be customized or edited with an appraisers own calculations.  In many markets, AppraiserSuite also delivers standardized Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data allowing for side-by-side comparison of both sources, eliminating the need to search and compile data from multiple locations. 

What’s more is that all AppraiserSuite data can be populated into standard 1004, 1073, 1075 and 2055 using leading form population tools. 

One Source and Workspace for

  • MLS* & Public Record Data
  • Sales Comparables
  • Foreclosure Data 
  • Market Conditions
  • Maps - Flood, Assessor, Aerial & Street
  • Transaction History
  • And More! 

*MLS data where available through AppraiserSuite

The AppraiserSuite Grid View makes it easy to compare, refine and adjust residential comparables to support a subject property valuation.

  • Save time by editing fields found on a standard URAR 1004 or 1073 form directly on the grid
  • Easily apply global adjustments for Living Area, Lot Size, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and more, as well as individual comparable level adjustments for each adjustable attribute
  • Weigh comparable properties in a given area on a scale from 10% to 100%
  • Upload your own property photos or import from MLS*

*MLS data where available through AppraiserSuite

AppraiserSuite offers more time saving features by automatically providing data for the Market Conditions Report. The report provides the market level data including comparable sale price, inventory trends, listing price trends and Days-on-Market.

Discover how AppraiserSuite can make your daily work processes more efficient by providing one unified workspace for all your property information needs. Contact your CoreLogic representative today!

*MLS data where available through AppraiserSuite

For AMCs

Quality Control and appraisers can collaborate in real-time with AppraiserSuite – from assignment to completion. AppraiserSuite from CoreLogic provides instant access to standardized Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and public record data for both appraisers and quality control – helping to provide quality appraisals every time.

Benefits to AMCs:

  • Integrated public record & MLS data*
  • Transparency into the Appraisal Process
  • Includes CoreLogic AVMs
  • Access via stand alone website or integrate into your existing technology

*MLS data where available through AppraiserSuite

Appraisal Management Quality Control gain visibility into the comparable selection process by using the Unselected Comparables Tracking feature in AppraiserSuite.

  • AMC administrators’ can easily configure the ranking criteria for any unselected comparables with the option to require an appraiser to comment on why the property was not selected to support the appraisal value
  • Customize and configure the Reason Codes that are displayed next to an unselected comparable to provide additional supporting information for the AMC and/or Lender
  • Unselected comparables, comparable search criteria and the reason codes are included as an addendum to the appraisal in the MISMO XML file

Discover how AppraiserSuite can make your business more efficient with one unified workspace for all your property information needs. Contact your CoreLogic representative today!

*MLS data where available through AppraiserSuite