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ARM Audit & Repair is a comprehensive, outsourced ARM auditing solution that uses a combination of flexible technology and accurate, efficient data entry teams to provide rapid, cost-effective ARM audit and repair for portfolios of any size.

CoreLogic provides a complete end-to-end solution, unlike solutions that perform audits to simply identify data issues or those that correct the errors uncovered by other vendors’ auditing processes. This holistic ARM auditing approach identifies exceptions, performs historic amortization of each loan, and provides you the resulting comprehensive loan work-up and corrections.

Using the ARM Audit & Quality Control Workbench platform, our auditing teams can quickly determine adjustment errors, and identify any potential write-off amounts and adjustments in the unpaid principal balance (UPB). This versatile suite of applications also provides the ability to “scrub” entire portfolios of hard-to-service products prior to acquisition. By moving the auditing function to the front of the acquisition process, errors that are currently identified “downstream” can now be discovered earlier. These errors can then be corrected prior to transfer and boarding, greatly reducing cost and risk.

What about LIBOR?

Sometime after 2021, LIBOR is expected to be discontinued. The Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom has announced that it will stop requiring banks to report the transactions that are used to calculate LIBOR.

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CoreLogic ARM Audit & Repair includes:

  • Triple-key data auditing
  • Historic re-amortization of ARM loans to reduce future financial exposure
  • Forensic loan history analysis to mitigate risk and increase compliance
  • Due diligence/pre-acquisition data scrubbing

Our teams deploy quickly, providing:

  • Rapid ramp-up within 2-4 weeks
  • Dedicated on-site project management
  • Customized project-specific solutions
  • Continual status reporting

Flexible and accurate ARM data entry solutions give you:

  • Transaction-based pricing
  • 99.97% data accuracy levels
  • Scalability to easily handle volume fluctuations
  • Teams available 24 hours per day, 6 days per week