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The Assignment Validation Report from CoreLogic® provides an efficient and cost effective way to help you meet the foreclosure documentation requirements of Fannie Mae®, the National Mortgage Servicing Settlement and other regulations and investor requirements.  

The Assignment Validation Report helps simplify your compliance efforts by verifying the name of the current mortgage beneficiary and flags any missing links in the chain of assignments. The Assignment Validation Report also provides a detailed account of the assignment chain, the MERS® ID Number and can assist you with completing your referral package - including a copy of the recorded mortgage, assignments and affidavits of lost assignment.

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The Assignment Validation Report

  • Identifies the Mortgage Beneficiary
  • Determines the Recorded Assignment Chain
  • Identifies Missing Assignments or Affidavits of Lost Assignment
  • Documents the MERS® ID Number
  • Provides a Complete Package of Recorded Documents, including:
    • Copy of the mortgage note
    • Complete chain of assignments
    • Affidavit of Lost Assignment

Avoid Unnecessary Processing Delays and Possible Compliance Issues

The Assignment Validation Report and document collection procedure can be initiated early in the foreclosure process to identify the recorded assignment chain, and indicate where assignments may be missing. Proactively identifying items that need final completion will help to avoid delays in processing the foreclosure referral, saving you time and money. The Assignment Validation Report provides an easy-to-use summary of the chain of assignment, ensuring that you have access to the information you need to substantiate your right to foreclose.

Navigate and Comply With Documentation Requirements

Leverage the power of comprehensive solutions from CoreLogic and partner with our team of industry experts who will help you navigate all the various servicing and documentation guidelines. With advanced document imaging technology, unmatched access to our network of recorded residential document databases and a nationwide network of field abstractors, CoreLogic delivers document retrieval, assignment and recording solutions to meet your business needs.