A Comprehensive Solution for Automatic Transmittal of Adverse Action Letters

Rental property owners and managers are required by federal law under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and by some state laws* to provide timely Adverse Action notifications. These notifications communicate to an individual whether they have been denied or conditionally accepted for residence based on the contents of a consumer report (formally known as “adverse action”).

Providing these notifications manually can be cumbersome and time-consuming, potentially delaying the distribution of a letter and affecting compliance mandates. In addition, it is difficult to prove the letter has been delivered to the applicant when using a manual process.

*This product does not address state law requirements.

Product Details

For Property Managers, Automated Adverse Action Letter Offers:

Automated Letter Transmittals

Allow letters to be sent by email, or by mail in case of email failure or where a consumer does not consent or does not have email

Secure Virtual Room for Applicants

Provides safe viewing and printing of letters

Management/Status Screen

Delivers a popup screen to view letter status

Managed Portfolio Settings Changes

Enable the product, selection of properties and when and what type of letter to send

Comprehensive Reporting

Insight Center report that shows the letter status for each property and applicant

Additional Benefits

Our Automated Adverse Action Letter is key for those property owners who want to simplify the process of meeting federal requirements for notifying prospective renters on adverse decisions regarding their applications.