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Risk-Based Pricing Regulation

Federal Disclosure Notice

Section 311 of the FACT Act requires automotive dealers and other creditors to provide notice to consumers when they are granted materially less favorable lending terms than other consumers based on data included in their credit report.

The regulation offers dealers two options for compliance:

  • Risk-Based Pricing Notice: Use a prescribed method for determining if a consumer is qualified to receive a Risk-Based Pricing notification.
  • CSD Exception: Provide a Credit Score Disclosure to every consumer.

CoreLogic Credco offers the Credit Score Disclosure Exception as a compliance solution for the Risk-Based Pricing regulation.

Product Highlights

  • Model forms to ensure consistent disclosure information
  • A user-friendly Q&A format
  • Consumer score comparison data
  • Automatically fulfilled with every Credco credit report – AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

As part of our ongoing commitment to help ensure your compliance with State and Federal Law, a Risk-Based Pricing compliant Credit Score Disclosure (CSD) will automatically be provided with each Credco credit report ordered – FREE of charge!

Minnesota Residents

The Minnesota Car Buyers' Bill of Rights requires dealers to deliver a consumer report disclosure notice to residents of Minnesota whenever a credit report is ordered. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring compliance with State and Federal Law, the Minnesota notices will be automatically provided with each credit report ordered – free of charge!


New Mailing Solution for Credit Score Disclosures

Now, in addition to our electronic CSD, we also offer a simple and convenient turnkey solution that automatically mails a duplicate CSD notification directly to each consumer, for a fee.

Our new duplicate CSD solution is a flexible and cost-effective mail fulfillment option that allows you to provide another copy of the electronically delivered CSD that you provided to the consumer.