Checking Data

Prevent check fraud and reduce losses by identifying red flags that may require further verification. We validate submitted checking data, and earmark multiple accounts for a single individual or multiple individuals who use the same account. We even alert you if a submitted Social Security Number (SSN) has previously been associated with an input routing and account number combination.

Routing and Account Number Validation

CoreLogic Teletrack validates the routing transit number (RTN) and indicates account restrictions. While the system does not report the status of funds in the account, we confirm that the account number follows the financial institution’s format, and includes the following:

Name and phone number of the financial institution

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) conditions for the financial institution, including the ability to receive ACH credits and/or debits

The RTN status that indicates if the routing number is active or retired

Account Number and SSN Association

Uncover potentially fraudulent behavior by examining an applicant's past relationship with the routing and account number combination, as well as the relationship of this data with other applicants. Consider the following:

  • Has the routing and account number combination previously been reported with the submitted SSN?
  • Has the applicant’s SSN been associated with other routing and account number combinations?
  • Have other SSNs have been submitted with the data entered?

The existence of these relationships does not necessarily imply fraudulent behavior, but excessive accounts for a consumer, or multiple consumers with the same account, may require additional investigation.