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Get insight into changes, improvements, renovation and age for major building system changes, property improvements, renovations and roof age on residential properties.

Our change detection and roof age pre-fill data makes it easier to not only uncover unforeseen premium opportunities but also match clients with the right products.

Until now, insurers had to access multiple data sources for visibility into a residential property’s improvements, renovations, or major system changes. Likewise, understanding the true roof age of a home was usually reliant on submitted roof information from the policyholder.

Our Residential Estimating Platform, RCT Express®, can automatically populate a property’s roof age as well as detect major building system changes or property improvements and renovations that may affect premium.

Leveraging a national database of trusted building remodel and repair data, this pre-fill solution has the potential to help insurers reclaim significant premium leakage by identifying unreported property change events.

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Benefits With Utilizing Change Detection and Roof Age Pre-fill Data:
  • Sharper risk selection with accurate roof age
  • Permit alerts which identify property change events from renovations to major system changes
  • Reduce premium leakage by identifying properties that have undergone change
  • Match clients with the right products based upon home roof risk profile

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