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Managing foreclosure claims is a time-consuming and high-risk task under the best of conditions. Processing delays and errors expose your organization to increased losses that dramatically impact loss severity and reserve requirements.

With over 18 years of experience focused on mortgage insurance claims and investor billings, we are the industry leader in claims technology solutions that help you reduce costs, avoid losses and maximize your recoveries.

CoreLogic offers an extensive range of technology solutions to:

  • Reduce your financial exposure
  • Expedite claims processing
  • Provide flexible, scalable claims technology solutions

We provide a wide range of claims processing and investor billing technologies, customized to your criteria, including:

  • FHA conveyances and claims
  • Fannie Mae billings
  • Freddie Mac billings
  • VA conveyances and claims
  • Conventional mortgage insurance claims
  • Private investor billings

Our industry-leading claims processing technology, CMAX, provides support for all FHA, VA and conventional mortgage insurance claims, as well as investor billings.