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Accurately identify and automatically remediate accounts at higher risk for sharing and unauthorized access.

The Clareity SafeMLS product suite combines advanced analytics and a zero-footprint solution that safeguards against improper usage and protects the lifeblood of our industry – your data.

SafeMLS Plus includes a system-wide risk management dashboard providing instant visibility into usage history, device usage, and forensic data about each account. Now you get the data to minimize risk of shared accounts and unauthorized access. Now you can protect your resources and preserve your revenue.

Intelligence-Driven Authentication for MLS and Associations

Risk Management Dashboard

System-wide percentage breakdown of “at risk” accounts – segmented by level with easy to use risk score.

Account Sharing Analytics

Identification of higher risk accounts makes it simple to target cost-effective remediation.

Transparent Monitoring

Rich data collection of in-session factors without impacting members.

Automated Remediation

Customizable, automated remediation plans to minimize account sharing and unauthorized access.

Biometric Strong Authentication

Remediates account when potential multiple users have been detected.

Mobile Ready

Mobile devices and tablets are fully supported and monitored.

Clareity SafeMLS Plus Can Help with Mandatory Waiver Policy

With the policy change, multiple listing organizations will be compelled to offer “waivers” to agents who elect to opt out of their services, who agree to not use those services, and prove they belong to another multiple listing service. This creates new work for you too – policing members to assure honest compliance to this new structure.

Clareity SafeMLS Plus is a real estate specific tool to help you comply with this policy change and can provide you with an easy-to-use platform to safeguard sensitive data against unauthorized access.