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SSO creates a seamless workflow for your members.

Provide your members with a convenient, single sign-on (SSO) dashboard that centralizes subscriber access, manages content, pushes communication, drives adoption of third party applications, and much more. All with a single click.

Providing a single sign-on dashboard can help you:

  • Display your value in a centralized, branded way
  • Provide one-click resources to pay a bill, sign up for classes, or visit an event calendar right from their dashboard
  • Improve communication with members. Target your audience with direct and custom messaging within their daily workflow.
  • Gain deep insight through data gathered by dashboard logins. Learn how your services are being utilized while getting to know your users, and their devices, to make better business decisions.
  • Provide users one-click access to apps through the dashboard. With single sign-on integration with many popular real estate specific and general applications, including Office 365, Zillow, Showing Time, Cloud CMA, the SSO Dashboard is the ideal technology portal for members.

Stephanie Hill“We are pleased to offer our membership access to the Clareity Single Sign-On Dashboard. Our members now have one access point with one authentication, so they don’t have to remember a myriad of user names and passwords to access the tools and services they use every day.”

Stephanie Hill
Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®

SSO eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and logins – creating a seamless workflow. Now, members know immediately what applications are available to them, making it simpler than ever to display your value proposition – and all displayed from the one place they log in every day.