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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

With a wide range of risks, navigating the evolving mortgage ecosystem is a daunting challenge. Valuable time is wasted trying to validate liens or analyze equity. Lack of visibility leaves you open to risk. On top of it all, you’re still missing valuable information that you need to make timely decisions.

Clear  provides new visibility into risks and threats that could hurt your bottom line. Actionable insights from three unique data sources empower lenders and servicers to spend less time validating liens and more time making timely, informed decisions about new threats and emerging opportunities.

Insights for Action

Clear provides a better look at the fundamentals needed to better manage your portfolio, from loan security, lien position, and equity position to the risk posed by additional liens on a property. Clear helps you identify and order all liens on a property, their positions, balances and statuses.

Lien Analysis

Now more than ever, it is essential to have a holistic view of your lien portfolios and a strong understanding of the fundamentals. Clear utilizes proprietary algorithms to estimate the positions of all liens recorded on a property. CoreLogic public record data is used as the foundation of this analysis, while credit data and CoreLogic AVMs are leveraged to form a more complete analysis.

Clear - Equity

Equity Snapshot Across Three Vantage Points

Perform an equity analysis on your portfolio across three equity vantage points:

  • Senior Lien(s) Only: The balances from the liens superior to your lien are the only liabilities factored into the calculation
  • Senior Lien(s) + Your Lien: The balances from the liens superior to your lien and your lien are the only liabilities factored into the calculation.
  • All Liens: The balances of all open liens are factored into the calculation for liabilities

Continuous Portfolio Monitoring

Clear 365™ provides real-time portfolio monitoring so that you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging threats and opportunities. Keep informed of any material impacts or changes to your lien and equity position, along with any new lien, owner or foreclosure activity on your property collateral.

Data You Can Trust

Clear leverages a powerful combination of public record data, credit data, and AVMs to perform a comprehensive lien and equity analysis on your portfolio. Multi-level confidence grading based on the quality and quantity of data available provides an additional level of insight into our analysis. Differences spotted between lender records and public record data are highlighted to promote data integrity.

Public Record Data

Public Record Data

Credit Data

Credit Data

CoreLogic AVMs

CoreLogic AVMs

Additional Benefits

  • Attract investors to your portfolios through deeper and continuous due diligence
  • Proactively manage portfolio risk to minimize write-downs and losses
  • Empower collateral valuation and forecasting using CoreLogic AVMs
  • Identify prime candidates for product/service marketing
  • Drive effective servicing decisions for delinquent loans
  • Proactively block home equity lines and unfreeze prior blocked lines
  • Assist compliance with FFIEC regulations
  • Realize potential cost reductions with reallocated hours

Choosing the Right Solution

With multiple service levels, Clear provides flexibility in choosing a solution that best meets the needs of your organization.

  • Clear Snapshot™ offers a single analysis on the health of your portfolio, merging credit and public record data for an enriched view.
  • Clear 365 provides ongoing surveillance and analysis to help detect change across your portfolio, allowing proactive response to new risks and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clear is a data and analytics driven solution leveraging multiple data sources and advanced algorithms to determine key aspects on your loans and home equity lines of credit such as:

  • Your loans’ proper security to the correct/intended collateral
  • Your lien position
  • The position of all other liens on the property, who is servicing them, what their current status is, their current unpaid principal balance, and other pertinent details
  • Current vesting/ownership details on the property
  • Latest foreclosure activity

Understanding the composition of your portfolio and the associated risks is imperative. Clear provides servicers with the fundamentals needed to better manage their portfolios, such as the security of a loan, lien position, equity position, additional liens on subject properties, and potential areas of risk.

An involuntary lien is a lien placed on a property without a homeowner’s consent, such as a property tax lien. Clear will detect any involuntary liens placed on a property along with any associated foreclosure documents.

Clear 365 performs ongoing monitoring and surveillance of your portfolio for any activity that could have a material impact on your loan and is updated in real time. Clear Snapshot performs a single analysis on your portfolio, giving users a “snapshot” view of their portfolio composition.

Clear Lite does not include credit data in its analysis and is not an FCRA-regulated product.