Keep Your Portfolio Safe and Dry

Storm surge flooding is known by experts to be one of the major causes of hurricane property damage along the Atlantic Coast, Gulf of Mexico and – under the right conditions – even inland waterways. In a matter of minutes, storm surge resulting from hurricanes can wipe out homes and businesses – including the comprehensive health of your portfolio.

In addition, the location of a property in relation to the coastline of an ocean or large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes, can impact the opportunity for risk to that property. Being able to accurately identify the distance from your location to the nearest coastline is imperative to understanding that risk.

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Granular Storm Surge Analysis

High resolution topographic data combined with granular storm surge flooding analysis results in our ability to identify storm surge flood risk at the individual property level.

No longer are you relying on generalized surge areas based on ZIP codes or county boundaries. With the ability to interpret how storm surge risk can vary even within the length of one city block, you are now able to accurately determine which properties are susceptible to future hurricanes.

With the Coastal Storm Surge offering you can be more selective in identifying a property’s true risk of storm surge instead of avoiding areas based on ZIP Codes or falling within coastal counties.  Our 10m granular Coastal Storm Surge model provides the level of detail needed to identify both opportunities as well as risk for insurers.

Flexible Coastal Distance Data

Our Distance to Coast data provides not only the distance to the nearest coastline, but also the name and whether the water body is seaward or non-seaward.

In addition to the standard coastline data, you have the opportunity to define a custom coastline based on specific needs and requirements of your intended usage. This gives you the flexibility to use your data the way you want it.

Storm Surge

Storm Surge

  • Assess a property’s risk of storm surge flooding. Pinpoint a property’s location in relation to surge risk unlike other products that generalize risk across larger geographic areas such as ZIP code or county.
  • Identify the storm surge risk on individual parcels without expensive and time-consuming on-site visits.
  • Improve your loss ratio by evaluating an entire book of business for storm surge exposure.
  • Understand the risk of property damage caused by coastal, storm surge, and associated riverine flooding.

Distance to Coast

  • Determine whether your properties are at greater risk due to their location on a barrier island versus the mainland.
  • Improve your loss ratio by evaluating an entire book of business for coastal risk exposure.
  • Comply with state regulations for properties that are close to coastlines.
  • Understand the potential for property damage caused by risks associated with hurricane storm surge and wind.