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Commercial Cost Estimates With Greater Accuracy and Speed

For clients who rely on the calculator method (also known as the square foot method), Commercial Estimator™ provides unlimited and accurate cost approach reports in a fraction of the time as traditional hand-written reports. This easy-to-use desktop application allows access to accurate costs on more than 300 building occupancies, including all classes, sizes, shapes, quality levels, and extensive coverage of component costs. This application is a key resource to your business and the annual subscription includes quarterly updates and unlimited use of our free technical support services. Enter the subject property-specific building data into the specified fields and let the program pull all related cost figures, calculate totals and produce entire reports.

An annual subscription to Commercial Estimator includes quarterly updates and unlimited free technical support services.

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Product Details


  • Improved consistency and accuracy in your property valuations
  • Creates detailed cost reports using as little as five pieces of data
  • Selects the correct local multiplier and climate adjustments with just the property Zip Code automatically
  • Allows individual cost ranks for items such as HVAC and exterior walls
  • Access to historical costing
  • Adjusts for different classes, sizes, shapes and quality levels
  • Interpolates between classes and quality levels
  • Quarterly database updates
  • Cost indexes to more than 800 specific geographical areas in Canada, the United States and its territories
  • Defendable values that help you remain in full regulatory compliance

Commercial Estimator/ Agricultural Estimator Combo

For the ultimate flexibility in appraising commercial properties, the Commercial Estimator and Agricultural Estimator Combo provides all the information needed to create cost reports for commercial and agricultural buildings.