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Mitigate Property Tax Reporting Risk With Our Commercial Tax Service Solutions

Backed by our financial strength, stability and technology of CoreLogic, and focused on our commercial clients, we build property tax reporting solutions that solve your business-specific commercial tax needs.

Product Details

A Variety of Commercial Tax Services Provides Several Options for a Customizable Tax Reporting Solution

Due to the value of properties we service, we follow a zero-defect approach to new order set-up. With each single or group of new orders, you receive a set-up confirmation report that includes all agencies and tax identification numbers that pertain to each property. We deliver this report within 60 days of the date we receive each order.

We offer annual delinquency search listings for each non-escrow property within 90 days after the economic loss date for each taxing jurisdiction. Where an agency taxes a property more than once a year, we will provide semi-annual delinquency search reporting. Non-escrow reporting includes the status of each property's real estate tax, regardless of whether we find delinquencies.

Commercial Escrow Reporting service ensures that you receive a tax-amount report/file for all escrow-identified properties, on average, 21 days prior to economic loss date. To facilitate property tax payments, we make every effort on your behalf to obtain original bills using registration, agency audit and bill request methodologies. When we cannot obtain an original bill, we will provide a memo bill that is acceptable to the taxing jurisdiction. Our PC-based commercial tax service platform supports flexible report customization and distribution scheduling, allowing you to receive information in formats that meet your specific needs and schedules.

We can pay taxes on your behalf for any loan/asset under service. Through this service, we assume the burden of processing tax payments, significantly reducing your risk of tax penalties and interest. When you engage our tax payment service, we generate and send you a file as taxes become due. Once you identify the taxes you are ready to pay, we cut and mail tax payment checks to the appropriate taxing authorities. To facilitate the process, we can establish a clearing account that accepts wire transfers of tax payment advances.

CTSWeb online provides direct access to tax information and historical reporting data stored and maintained in your portfolio. Through the CTSWeb site, you have the capability of submitting new orders and performing record maintenance on existing orders. You also have access to 22,000 taxing authorities' contact information and data collection records.

You can contract with us to determine the current tax status of a property or properties not under tax service. Based on the tax identification numbers you provide and tax authority information, we will check the payment status of current and prior year taxes and provide a simple paid/open report.

At your request, we identify all applicable taxing authorities and their applicable tax identification numbers and perform a detailed search for delinquent real estate taxes. You receive search results via a property tax report reflecting the current tax status of each agency and tax ID associated with the property.