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The process of tracking, reporting and paying property taxes is complex and full of potential risk. Real estate portfolios are geographically diverse and governed by multiple taxing agencies and regulations.

CoreLogic® | National Tax Search serves the needs of lenders, portfolio owners, investors and franchisors. The Commercial TaxQ platform and services stream-line tax management with connected APIs.

Comprehensive Tax Management

Reduce risk. The most essential data, regulatory information, and business logic seamlessly integrated with your systems and workflows to process tax transactions at scale.

Gain efficiency. Transparent, real-time access to your data 24/7 with flexible scorecards and reporting of payments and verifications.

Quality. Ongoing focus on accuracy, timeliness and taxing authority integration.

Flexible, dedicated service. Our dedicated account team knows your business and we are here to meet your needs 24/7.

Powerful technology and infrastructure. Our technology is highly scalable and built on real-time data to provide complete control of your data, business processes and accounts.

Benefits of Commercial TaxQ include:

  • Detailed search of each asset/loan prior to onboarding
  • Parcel, address, and legal description reviewed in search process.
  • Parcel number discovery
  • Agency association with a database of over 22,000 taxing entities across the U.S. and its territories
  • Ownership name and address variance
  • Delinquent status search
  • Update of payment status
  • Total amount delinquent by year and installment
  • Payoff details and good-through dates
  • Penalty & Interest Rate and frequency
  • Tax redemption documents
  • Track your portfolio assessed and market values
  • Early warning of value increases
  • Unpaid or partially paid delinquency tax report
  • Asset and portfolio reporting capability within Commercial TaxQ
  • Management of timely payments via Commercial TaxQ online reporting and system integration.
  • Tax amounts by agency, discount and installment
  • Payment requirements
  • Updated delinquent status of prior installments
  • Verified payment status with each taxing entity, within 30-45 days
  • Daily reconciliation, monthly account accrual reporting, and canceled checks are provided
  • Client-controlled payment through approval
  • Issue resolution
  • Refund management