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As a key component of the Commercial Express® platform, Contents Insight® takes a granular approach to estimating the replacement costs of a business’ contents and personal property.

A Granular Approach to Commercial Contents Estimating

Leveraging unique firmographic business data and multiple econometric models, our proprietary approach can effectively benchmark the contents value or personal property of a given business in relation to its peers within the same industry.

Instead of the traditional “rule of thumb” percentages-based estimating, our predictive modeling tool provides an estimate of contents or personal property for a business that is broken into five categories; inventory, equipment, computer, furniture and miscellaneous.

Contents Insight can be quickly incorporated into either a new business or renewal workflow and includes flexibility for adjustments based on underwriting rules or discussions.

With Contents Insight, CoreLogic continues to deliver on the strategy to provide a more complete view of commercial risk – at point-of-sale and beyond.

A Granular Approach to Commercial Contents Estimating