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Most Comprehensive Early View of Current Home Price Trends

Built on industry-leading public record, servicing and securities real-estate databases, CoreLogic HPI incorporates more than 40 years of repeat sales transactions for analyzing historic, current and future home price trends and producing multi-tier, multi-level market evaluations.

A repeat-sales index that tracks increases and decreases in the same home’s sales price over time – whether single-family attached or single-family detached – CoreLogic HPI provides a more accurate “constant-quality” view of pricing trends than pricing analyses based on all home sales.

CoreLogic HPI is the most current, comprehensive set of home-price indexes available on the market.

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Quickest, Most Complete Home Price Data

CoreLogic HPI datasets provide broad, deep coverage that leverages the full power of our industry-standard real estate databases. With more than 40 years of repeat sales transactions – going back to 1976 – CoreLogic HPI now covers 7,400-plus ZIP codes, 1,300-plus counties, and 930-plus Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) in all 50 states (including non-disclosure states) and the District of Columbia.

Built From the Ground Up Monthly

While most home price indexes update their monthly national results by simply aggregating state and metro-level indexes, CoreLogic HPI rebuilds its national datasets monthly from the ground up – using 100-percent refreshed data.

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  • Deep, broad coverage, including non-disclosure states
  • Market Condition Indicators—deconstructing housing market risk
  • Twelve tiers, including non-distressed transactions tier
  • Monthly updates, with brief five-week lag time
  • Entire history refreshed each month
  • Rigorous Data Governance
  • Available via Web tool and FTP

CoreLogic HPI data covers:

  • 7400+ ZIP codes
  • 1300+ counties
  • 930+ CBSAs
  • 50 states (including non-disclosure) & DC
  • National

CoreLogic HPI is built from our industry-leading real-estate public record, servicing, and securities databases—including more than 40 years of repeat-sales transaction data—and all undergo strict pre-boarding assessment and normalization processes.

Market Condition Indicators augment CoreLogic HPI and CoreLogic HPI Forecasts by identifying market saturation levels—whether they are overvalued, at value, or undervalued.

Available for more than 350 Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs), this analytical enhancement is derived from long-term fundamental values—a function of real disposable income per capita. They define overvalued or undervalued markets as those having a current home price index at least 10% above or 10% below their long-term values.

By identifying the relationship between a market’s long-term value and current pricing, Market Condition Indicators help inform investment strategies and risk management decisions. The long-term fundamental values are also available to you, letting you tighten or broaden the value thresholds as your own business use warrants.

Both the long-term fundamental values and Market Condition Indicators come at no increase in subscription fees.

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Market Risk Indicators are designed to predict the probability of a home price decline over a 12-month period. Every month, clients will receive data based on the latest economic and housing analytics, along with a probability for two price decline severities

CoreLogic HPI provides multi-tier market evaluations based on price, time between sales, property type, loan type (conforming vs. non-conforming) and distressed sales, helping you hone in on price movements in specific market segments.

Monthly CoreLogic HPI data updates provide you the fastest home-price valuation information in the industry—complete home-price index datasets five weeks after month’s end.

Unlike other home-price indexes, CoreLogic HPI is completely refreshed each month—all pricing history from 1976 to the current month—to provide you the most up-to-date, accurate indication of home-price movements available.

Because CoreLogic gathers data from many sources in numerous formats with unavoidable anomalies, we adhere to a rigorous data-input governance program.

All data underlying CoreLogic HPI come from our industry-leading real-estate public record, servicing, and securities databases—including more than 40 years of repeat-sales transaction data—and all undergo strict pre-boarding assessment and normalization processes.

Monthly CoreLogic HPI indexes are available via FTP or direct Web access.

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