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If you’re seeking accurate and current data on county boundaries and are coming up short, turn to CoreLogic®.

Our County Boundary Layer captures boundary data for more than 3,283 counties or county equivalents and is the most positionally accurate of its kind. It covers all 50 states, Washington D.C. and U.S. territories and is calibrated by latitude and longitude coordinates.

The County Boundary and other Boundary Layers from CoreLogic can be sold as standalone layers but are even more valuable when integrated into our leading mapping and visualization products such as our Tax Jurisdiction Datasets.

Quarterly Updates

Unlike similar data, our County Boundary Layer is maintained on a quarterly basis to stay current.

Delivery Options

An interface that delivers a set of services and tools that allow you to easily integrate natural hazard risk, tax jurisdiction, parcel, and geocoding data directly into your applications. Using a RESTful API, you can now stream our geographic and natural hazard risk data to a variety of platforms and programming languages including Java, .Net, and PHP. 

Shapefiles are available for you to load into your existing infrastructure.

Our Consulting Services are comprised of leading GIS scientists, insurance professionals, and senior professional software developers. This team collaborates to craft end-to-end solutions that can be easily deployed and sustained in-house or via our Web Services.