Available exclusively from CoreLogic Credco®, CreditIQ is an expanded, fully decisionable FCRA-compliant credit report that helps lenders mitigate previously hidden risks while identifying new lending opportunities.

The CoreLogic Aggregated Consumer Data Includes:

CreditIQ shortens reporting times for new mortgage liens from an average 60 to 90 days to an average of 23 days – which can be up to two months sooner than traditional credit report updates – allowing lenders to obtain critical borrower data faster than ever before. Plus, the property information is associated to the related mortgage tradelines, saving your underwriters time normally spent manually associating this information.

Exclusive Data Intelligence

The supplemental data featured in CreditIQ is sourced exclusively from the CoreLogic proprietary information databases, the largest and most comprehensive collection of real estate, rental information and public records in the nation. Our databases contain over 700 million consumer transaction records covering 99.9 percent of U.S. property owners, county, municipal and special tax jurisdictions, landlord/tenant data, residential properties and liens and consumer-specific bankruptcies, liens and judgments.

Kick Start Your Home Equity Lending Program

CreditIQ is an ideal prequalification tool for your home equity lending program. The added property information gives you critical insight into the borrower's overall standing, including the number of open liens, any public records and an estimated home value. Having this information at prequalification help you catch potential problem applications before you spend hundreds of dollars on property and title searches, allowing you to focus only on the loans with the best chance of success.

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CreditIQ Brochure

CreditIQ – Supplemental Credit Reporting Solution


Case Study: Top 5 Lender

How Did a Top 5 Lender Uncover New Lending Opportunities for Nearly 15% of Their Previously Declined Applications?


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How Did a Top-15 Lender Uncover $68 Million in Undisclosed Mortgage Debt in Just Three Months?


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How Can a Top-5 Online Lender Use CreditIQ Data to Increase Lending Opportunities by 18.5%?


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How Did a Mortgage Insurer Find $399 Million in Undisclosed Mortgage Debt?