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Uncover more opportunities, close more loans

CoreLogic Credco offers CreditXpert, a suite of software solutions that helps you approve more applicants and eliminate guesswork by providing helpful insights, predictions, and more thorough credit analysis.

Product Benefits

  • Helps uncover your client’s true credit score
  • Make more informed and appropriate lending decisions
  • Allows for more thorough credit analysis
  • Test various scenarios to help improve credit ratings

CreditXpert What-If Simulator™

CreditXpert What-If Simulator's capabilities let you test your options and simulate combinations of your own. Scores are updated in real-time with each change of action, so you can quickly identify which updates will have the most impact.

CreditXpert Wayfinder™

CreditXpert Wayfinder provides a custom plan for each borrower that helps identify the changes a borrower can make to their credit profile to reach the score band they desire.

Credit Assure™

Credit Assure automatically scans every credit report and displays potential score improvement by bureau on the cover page of the credit report.