CoreLogic Credco offers CreditXpert, a suite of intelligent software solutions that help you uncover more lending opportunities. CreditXpert provides helpful insights, predictions and more thorough credit analysis.

Product Benefits

  • Helps uncover your client’s true credit score
  • Make more informed and appropriate lending decisions
  • Allows for more thorough credit analysis
  • Uncovers opportunities to update incorrect, missing and outdated credit information
  • Safely test predefined or custom scenarios to improve credit ratings

CreditXpert Essentials

CreditXpert Essentials helps you determine the best course for maximizing an applicant’s credit score through pay downs, balance transfers and opening new accounts. You can also find the most cost-effective way to achieve a particular score increase, or the maximum score increase for a given amount of cash.

CreditXpert Essentials provides a detailed analysis that identifies the top positive and negative credit factors, as well as their related trade lines, so you can focus on needed changes and avoid disrupting what is already working.

CreditXpert Detective

CreditXpert Detective automatically identifies opportunities to improve credit scores by updating incorrect, missing and outdated information. This helps you find all potential updates, or just as many as you need, to improve a credit score. And, its embedded expert knowledge and analytical sophistication scrutinizes credit report data within and across trade lines and bureaus.

CreditXpert What-If Simulator

The What-If Simulator is a credit score simulator that allows consumers see what is likely to happen to their score before taking action. This tool is used to predict scenarios beforehand and helps consumers make more informed decisions that may lead to better interest rates.

The simulator provides an interactive tool that clients can use as many times as they'd like to undercover ways to improve their credit.  In a subscription based billing model, this product engages the consumer and promotes membership longevity as they wait to see the results of their simulations.