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Uncover more opportunities, close more loans

CoreLogic Credco offers CreditXpert, a suite of software solutions that helps you approve more applicants and eliminate guesswork by providing helpful insights, predictions, and more thorough credit analysis.

Product Benefits

  • Helps uncover your client’s true credit score
  • Make more informed and appropriate lending decisions
  • Allows for more thorough credit analysis
  • Helps uncover opportunities to update incorrect, missing and outdated credit information
  • Test various scenarios to help improve credit ratings

CreditXpert What-If Simulator™

CreditXpert What-If Simulator's capabilities let you test your options and simulate combinations of your own. Scores are updated in real-time with each change of action, so you can quickly identify which updates will have the most impact.

CreditXpert Essentials™

CreditXpert Essentials helps you determine the best course for maximizing an applicant’s credit score through pay downs, balance transfers and opening new accounts.

CreditXpert Essentials provides a detailed analysis that helps identify the top positive and negative credit factors, as well as their related tradelines, so you can focus on needed changes and avoid disrupting what is already working.

CreditXpert Detective™

CreditXpert Detective automatically helps identify opportunities to improve credit scores by updating incorrect, missing and outdated information. This helps you find potential updates, to help improve a credit score.