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With coverage in 50 states and Washington D.C., CoreLogic® Rental Property Solutions offers an extensive criminal search service and uses that data to provide real bottom-line benefits to your community.

Every resident affects the quality and safety of your community. Criminals can disrupt – and even endanger – the entire neighborhood. Our resident background search accesses criminal records across the country to help you determine if a potential resident has a background containing violence, property destruction, sex offense or financial crime.

Performing a criminal search allows you to review felony, misdemeanor and sex offender records associated with a potential applicant so that you can make an informed decision about potential renters. Our resident background screening service helps you:

  • Search the sex offender registry databases for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Expose a resident history that includes state prison sentences and other incarcerations.
  • Review statewide felony and (where available) misdemeanor records for a vast majority of states.
  • Screen applicants against watch list data.

Rental Property Solutions collects criminal background data from multiple sources, including the Department of Corrections, which includes records from state prisons and incarcerations. In addition, we access the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), which provides background records for criminal events that resulted in a court case being filed.


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Product Details

You have the option to request criminal history searches at the multi-state, state and/or county level, including:

  • MultiState Criminal Search: Online scan of statewide felony and, where available, misdemeanor records, for a vast majority of states.
  • Statewide Criminal Search: Search of criminal databases within a single state. This report is available immediately online, in most cases.
  • Single County Criminal Search: Manual, physical examination of a single county’s criminal files by our staff, typically completed within 24 to 72 hours.
  • Federal Criminal Search: Criminal data is accessed from the regional U.S. District Court associated with the applicant’s current address. This search is completed within one business day.
  • MultiState Sex Offender Search: Fast, online search of sex offender registry databases for all 50 states and Washington DC.
  • AppAlertSM: Scans more than a dozen U.S. agency listings as well as numerous state and local wanted fugitive lists.

Automate the evaluation of criminal records for you, relieving your staff from the burden of interpreting criminal search results and ensuring consistency in your decision process. You set the policies for accepting or declining categories of criminal offenses. Then, criminal record search results are evaluated using our own advanced, proprietary technology, and your staff is notified if criminal records are found that do not meet your criteria. With Registry CrimSAFE, your policies are consistently implemented, Fair Housing compliance is optimized and your community enjoys an improved level of safety.

Registry CrimWATCH is a recurring criminal records search service that enables communities to stay informed of their current residents’ criminal history. Criminal Alert regularly scans nationwide criminal databases and notifies you when new information is returned for the residents on your Criminal Alert enrollment list.

Our Arrest Records database spans more than 70% of the nation's population centers through a network of interfaces with law enforcement agencies across the country. It is updated every 15 minutes and includes more than 80 million booking/incarceration records from approximately 2,000 facilities of incarceration. This service is a perfect complement to our National Criminal Search and Expanded National Criminal Search services, adding a depth and timeliness of information unparalleled in the industry today.

Independent rental property owners interested in tenant screening choose MyRental from CoreLogic. MyRental provides online access to criminal screening and other reports so owners can make more informed leasing decisions.