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CoreLogic transforms raw data into high-value information, analytics and services. That’s why in real estate, mortgage finance, insurance and the public sector, we’re the market leader for unique, property-level insights.

What Differentiates Our Data

Breadth and Depth

Breadth and Depth

Comprehensive information from across the property eco-system, Over 50 years of historical data and experience building solutions, Rapid daily refresh

Closest to the Source

Closest to the Source

We collect data straight from thousands of diverse sources, Sources provide 5,000 types of unfiltered content, Multiple sources cross-validate data accuracy

Standardized and Consistent

Standardized and Consistent

Standardized and Consistent 40+ proprietary algorithms provide consistency across 3,100+ counties, we layer on intelligence and sort into key categories, computer auditing of records with human review of flagged records

Powering the Property Ecosystem


19 of the Top 20 Mortgage Lenders


7 of the Top 10 AMCs Leverage Our Platform

Capital Markets

Servicing Data on 75 Percent of U.S. Homes

Rental Property

Active Tenant/Landlord Records for 70% of the Rental Market


23 of the Top 25 Residential and Commercial Carriers

Real Estate

63 Percent of all Real Estate Professionals

Propel Your Business Decisions

See your business in a whole new light. Capitalize on previously unobserved opportunities. Make confident decisions based on comprehensive information from across the entire property lifecycle.