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Your Marketing Services Platform. One Solution. Seamless Ease. Only the Modules You Need

Elevate fuses standalone marketing modules to a single platform for ultimate power and flexibility.  Elevate allows you to offer your agents solutions to generate new leads, manage client relationships, create websites, interact with social networks, and much more.  All with the elegant ease of working together seamlessly.  Cloud hosted, auto updated, and touch free for your staff. Whether you choose the ready-to-go Elite™ platform suite or only pick the modules you need, Elevate handles the marketing while you and your agents handle the business.

Elevate Elite

The full solution suite including BOSS, Lead Gen, Social Media, Recruiter, and Websites. If you need the ultimate combination of Marketing and client service tools to power your brokerage – all seamlessly connected, cloud-hosted, and automatically refreshed – then Elite is right for you.

Elevate BOSS™

BOSS (Business Operating System and Services) is the marketing infrastructure of Elevate. It serves as your back-office engine to drive agent recruiting, create CMAs, manage documents, create agent task workflows, route inbound leads, and provides clear dashboards to agent, office, and brokerage performance. It’s the backbone to manage your brokerage’s marketing tasks end-to-end.

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BOSS Broker Dashboard

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How does BOSS help agents sell more homes – faster?

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Lead Routing

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Lead Workflow

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Elevate Lead Generation™

All agents love leads! With Elevate lead generation services, your agents receive high quality pay-per-click (PPC) leads from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Using a proprietary lead scoring algorithm, Elevate ranks and delivers to a single dashboard. BOSS routes these leads to your agents based on your rules, and Elevate triggers automatic text and email responses from agents to prospects within five minutes while alerting agents, via text and email, of their new leads. Powerful. Fast. Convenient. Leads.

Elevate Social Media™

Social media is a critical source of new business for agents. Yet, many don’t understand how to effectively use social media. With eighty million Millennials entering prime home buying years, it’s essential your agents master this skill. Elevate makes that simple! Now, agents assure their social media presence looks as impressive as possible with branded business pages. Blogs are updated weekly and syndicated to social media to maintain peak engagement. Listings are published directly to YouTube. Blogs and posts are automatically updated for each new listing, price change, or sale. And much more!

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Elevate Recruiter™

Talent. It’s the lifeblood of your brokerage. You don’t win unless you attract talented, driven agents. With Elevate Recruiter, you now have the competitive advantage. Target the best agents with powerful , MLS sales-driven scans to identify those who best fit your precise criteria. Manage your recruitment pipeline with a dedicated CRM system. Build rapport with built-in activity coaching that nurtures strong relationships with key targets. If you need to build a top team and attract the best talent, this is for you.

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Elevate Websites™

Your brokerage, your offices, your agents – all need professional and compelling websites to win. With Elevate Websites, you now have the power to create beautiful IDX websites that tie everything together. Offering many design modules, mixed and matched as you need and SEO/SEM optimized, Websites makes creating websites a breeze. With built-in lead capture and parsing and website blogs with automated content and dedicated content library – your websites can stay fresh, engaging, and attractive for all prospects to see.

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